Do you like Falafel? We do.

Typically, falafel is served by Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants. Our goal is to change that status-quo. We believe that any restaurant, cafeteria, or commercial kitchen should be able to serve great falafel to its patrons.

Traditionally, making falafel requires soaking chickpeas 24 hours in advance. This attributes to preparing batches that may be too much for non-Mediterranean or non-Middle Eastern restaurants. This poses a challenge when needing to prepare only a few servings of falafel a day. No restaurant operator wishes to have too much or too little prepped food. We have the solution. Our premium falafel mix allows restaurant and kitchen operators to meet demand with no excess, thus lowering food cost.

For restaurants without frying capabilities, we are proud to provide a perfect alternative to frying: Our falafel can be prepared using Waffle Irons.

We also sell newly designed falafel machines for the folks that are challenged with higher production volumes.

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