Falafel Premium Mix

All Natural, No Flour, Non GMO, Gluten Free

Our falafel absorbs the least oil content of all falafels thanks to the process of moisture evaporation during frying, thus blocking oil from penetrating the ball. The falafel ball comes out of the fryer with a thin fried shell, leaving the inside moist and oil free.

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What makes our product different!!

Our falafel will stay soft and fluffy many hours after it comes out of the fryer. This fact makes it much more desirable.
Our falafel is the easiest to make and will have the same flavor and texture between multiple locations. Our falafel product is the perfect choice for café/restaurant locations as small as 250 sq.ft.
Our falafel does not require freezer storage as it is made of a dry mixture.
Our falafel is handled and stored in its concentrated form, thus saving on space. Water is added when ready to prepare the mixture.

Available in 2 sizes

22 Lbs
5.5 Lbs

Why choose our Falafel Premium Mix

  • Efficiency -- No labor or equipment needed to prepare the mixture. No Freezer/Refrigerator
  • Consistency – Same results time and time again
  • Freshness – make multiple small batches of mixture instead of one daily amount
  • Simple system – Easy to use – No need to manage inventory of multiple ingredients
  • Cost saving – Prep work requires least trained employees
  • Space saver – perfect for small locations. No mixer or Freezer storage space is needed
  • Accurate food cost calculation – single ingredient, with no end of day waste
  • Flour Free – No added flour or bread crumbs
  • Shelf Life – Longer lasting product with a 12 month shelf life
  • Meets Off-Site needs – Catering, camps, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Product quality – the mix is produced in a modern production facility certified with the highest quality standards
  • Falafel Waffle

    Alternative to frying falafel balls

Product Specifications

All products undergo lab testing prior to shipping to customers

Shelf Life: 12 months

Flour Free – All Natural

Kosher Certification

Product Dimensions:

Pallet Size: 108 boxes/palette
22 Lbs. box
Tie: 12
size: 15¼" (W) 10" (D) 6¾" (H)
Height: 9

Nutrition Facts


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