Shelf-Stable Hummus and Breadsticks Snack Pack - Chili

Meal-Ready-To-Eat — No Preservatives & No Added Oil

Healthy, Delicious and easy to prepare

The Hummus
  • Lower Calories - 170 per 80g serving (60 per 1 oz.)
  • Lower Sodium than most hummus products - 320mg per 80g serving (116mg per 1 oz.)
  • No Preservatives and No Added oil
  • Authentic flavor and packed with Goodness
  • Pantry stored - No refrigeration required

The Breadsticks
  • No Preservatives
  • Great compliment for scooping and snacking
  • Minimal addition of Calories (50) & Sodium (85mg)

**Hummus and Breadsticks can be purchased individually.

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