Shelf-Stable Hummus Snack Pack

Meal-Ready-To-Eat — No Preservatives & No Added Oil

  • Nutritious and flavorful snack. Contains 3.5 oz. hummus with 4 breadsticks. - Net Wt. 4.34 oz.
  • Take this snack/meal-substitute anywhere (lunch substitute, on-the-go meal, trip, pantry stock
  • Only 5 ingredients (original flavor hummus) With no added oil, no added sugars
  • Maximoe's hummus is lower in calories and sodium than most other hummus brands. 170 cal. per 80g. serving (or Cal. per 1oz.) and 320mg. per 80g. Serving (or 116mg. per 1oz.)

Falafel Burger Mix

Healthy, Delicious and easy to prepare

  • Delicious Mediterranean falafel now available in burger form.
  • Simple and quick meal - Just add water and cook on a pan or a girdle
  • This 8ox. pack makes 5 burgers, each with 8g. protein and 150 Cal.
  • Available in two flavors: Original and Spicy

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